How Blockchain adds Trust?

Blockchain is a peer-to-peer technology which organizes or record transactions in such a way that anyone cannot modify it without notice by others. That means if some information has been recorded in the Blockchain ledger there is no possible way to silently affect the records making the whole Blockchain ledger tampered and corrupted.

Because in Blockchain each node is following the longest chain and each tampering actually reduce the size of the Blockchain it becomes impossible for the whole network to accept the modified Blockchain.

So you must be thinking then why can’t the hacker replicate the whole remaining blocks & keep his modified Blockchain longer so that the entire network follow that modified one.

Well, that’s when the mining difficulty comes into the picture, adding a new Blockchain a computationally expensive task & replicate the whole chain may be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. So that hacker must have a substantial reason to invest hundreds of million dollars & must be very lucky to do that.

This whole scenario that anyone can not tamper blockchain records makes the entire technology very trusted & reliable. This technology ad the trust to anything that is being recorded as information. It can be the digest of a document, a signed message, monetary transactions like Bitcoin payment, etc. which requires trust & Blockchain does offer it without much work.

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