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I'm an IIT Bombay postgraduate, an innovative entrepreneur, and a deep tech educator with a passion for Blockchain, Cyber Security, and SaaS. I've successfully founded multiple tech companies, including Tosh Innovations and NFTICALLY, delivering impact globally. Recognized by Forbes' 30 Under 30 lists, I thrive on transforming ideas into reality.

Blockchain: A Revolutionary Technology Beyond Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Understanding Blockchain: More Than Just a Digital Ledger for Cryptocurrencies Blockchain technology is often synonymous with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, it’s crucial to understand its broader implications. Essentially, blockchain is a peer-to-peer network of computers and servers collectively making decisions without relying on a central authority. This decentralized decision-making process is achieved through consensus […]

Unraveling the Noida Company Scam: A Cautionary Tale of INR 3700+ Crore and 6.5 Lakh People

In the quest for wealth, boundaries between legal and ethical practices can sometimes blur. Today, I’m dissecting the notorious “Like Scam” by a Noida-based company, which duped INR 3700+ crore from 6.5 lakh people. While the media has highlighted various aspects of this scam, the mechanics of the fraud itself often remain unexplained. Let’s delve […]