Who Am I and Why You Must Read My Blog?

Hello and welcome! I’m Toshendra Sharma, an entrepreneur with over eight years of self-taught experience. My journey, filled with challenges and victories, is a testament to the spirit of entrepreneurship.

This is me in Feb 2012 at 3 AM working while I was doing my Masters from IIT Bombay.

The Beginning: A Leap into Entrepreneurship

After completing my B.Tech in 2009, I co-founded Robosapiens Technologies in Noida, India. Specializing in Embedded Systems and Educational Robotics Training, I spearheaded the company as the R&D Head. However, my passion for computer science led me to further academic pursuits, culminating in an impressive AIR 41 ranking in the Gate exam and enrollment at IIT Bombay for an M.Tech in Computer Science.

Wegilant: From a Hostel Room to a Successful Venture

At IIT Bombay, my entrepreneurial ambitions crystallized into reality with the launch of “Wegilant” in 2011. Initially a training and services company, Wegilant later pivoted to a SaaS-based Mobile App Security Scanner, Appvigil, in 2014. Wegilant’s journey from a hostel room to a Private Limited company is a story of perseverance and innovation.

Embracing Challenges: My Path to Success

Juggling academic responsibilities and business ventures, I transformed Wegilant into a successful enterprise, generating significant revenue in its first financial year. This period was marked by relentless dedication, where I managed every aspect of the business while maintaining a student’s life.

Learning Through Experience: The Heart of My Entrepreneurial Journey

My path was paved with mistakes and critical decisions, each a valuable lesson in the world of entrepreneurship. Despite financial hurdles and numerous challenges, I never lost sight of my goals. This resilience and tenacity earned me a place in Forbes’ #30Under30 list in 2016.

A Technologist at Heart

Beyond entrepreneurship, I am a technologist passionate about building automated solutions and scalable architectures. My skills range from web and mobile technologies to designing secure APIs, encapsulating the essence of a tech innovator.

Upcoming Insights: A Guide for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

In my upcoming posts, I’ll share insights and experiences from my entrepreneurial journey. Expect topics like building a company during academic pursuits, understanding SaaS, navigating seed funding, and balancing entrepreneurship with personal life.

Your suggestions and questions are highly valued. Feel free to contribute your thoughts in the comments section.

Join me on this enlightening journey and gain insights from my experiences as an entrepreneur. Stay tuned!